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  1. Patrick Brennan says:

    Driving from and to Hamilton Ontario – I 90 through Buffalo….and on Large car seats 4 comfortably.

  2. Karin Bolender says:

    Anybody driving to/from Plainfield via Boston?
    Or Portland, Maine?

    • Donna Catanzaro says:

      Karin, I’ll be driving from Windham NH which is 40 miles north of Boston. Not sure if that helps. Looking forward to seeing you! I could take a couple of people.

      • Karin Bolender says:

        Hey Donna! My plans changed and I’ll be coming to Goddard from Portland, ME on Thursday. Are you traveling on Thursday or Friday? Maybe I could get to NH from Portland and share the road with you. Very much looking forward to seeing you!

    • stacy stearns says:

      Hi Karen,

      I, too am looking for a ride share from Boston to Plainfield. I get into Boston on Thursday night (8pm) and can leave that night or friday am. I don’t have a vehicle lined up, but I am willing to pitch in $ for a rental or gas….

      • rebecca keller says:

        Hi Karen,
        have you found a ride from boston? Or are you thinking but car rental? let me know. I have not yet made my reservation, and would like to figure out a solution soon.
        Rebecca keller

        • Louise Halsey says:

          I can take others with me as I am renting a car, staying with family in So. Hero on Thurs. night, picking Leland up at the airport on Fri. 9:30 or so. I am not coming back to Burlington on Sun. but going to visit a friend. Let me know if this works. I want to be at Goddard by lunchtime. Louise

  3. Rhonda Janke says:

    Anyone driving from Burlington Airport on Thursday or want to share a car or taxi? I haven’t made flight reservation yet, so am still flexible on time.

    • Leland says:

      It looks like, I will be coming into Burlington early (I hope) Friday morning and will either take the taxi or rent a car. I have a two classes in Annapolis, MD on Thursday afternoon and evening. Cutting it close but better than not at all, eh?

    • rebecca keller says:

      I too am looking to arrive early Friday to Burlington. Also haven’t made a reservation yet. maybe the three of us could share a cab? Or–is anyone from the area willing to help some strangers for a tank of gas?

      • Leland Bryant says:

        Does anyone have a ride arrange from Burlington Airport on Friday morning to Goddard with room for one more person?

    • Deanna Pindell says:

      Hey, Rhonda, I am so glad you’ll be coming! I am flying into Burlington Thursday at 10:30 pm. and will be renting a car. Will decide very shortly if I’m staying on campus Thursday night, or in B’ton … would love to have you ride with Karin and I, and maybe Jesse. And maybe others!

      • Jim Walker says:

        We have two staying in Burlington Thursday night and looking to share a ride to campus Friday morning also. Have we figured out a plan for meeting?

        • Louise Halsey says:

          I am arriving by plane on Thurs., renting a car, staying in S. Hero that night and then driving to Plainfield on Fri. morning. I can take others along with me. My return is less clear as I might go visit a friend after the conference and thus not drive back to Burlington on Sun. Let me know if this can work or not.

  4. stacy stearns says:

    Looking for a ride share situation from Boston late Thurday night (my flight arrives at 8pm) or Friday am. Is there anyone going from Boston?


  5. Dane Stauffer says:

    is anyone driving up from New York City on Thursday the 13th, or the morning of the 14th? And/or Back on Sunday the 16th? Thanks!

    • rebecca keller says:

      have you found a ride I might also fly into NYC, (coming from chicago) so if you have, or are looking to share a rental, let me know.
      thanks, rebecca keller

  6. rebecca keller says:

    I left a message looking for a ride between Burlington airport and Goddard, but I would welcome flying into Boston, if there was a ride to Plainfield. Would be arriving Boston Friday morning. Of course,would help pay for gas/rental…

  7. Hi Everyone, I am arriving to the Burlington Airport at 10:51am on Friday 10/14. Anyone want to share a ride from the airport to Goddard? We can hire a ride from Burlington Airport through Vermont Tour and Charter, 802-734-1293. It would cost us $40 if there were two of us, less if there were more.

  8. Anne Beffel says:

    Are you driving I90 west through Syracuse, NY?
    If so, can you let me know if you are still looking for riders and your dates/times of travel?

  9. Anne Beffel says:

    whoops – driving EAST on I90 through Syracuse?

  10. Leland says:

    Sounds like a lot of folks will be coming up from Brulington on Friday AM. We could just spit a car rental or use the taxi service that folks have used for years.
    Or the Vermont tour folk.

    Lets talk.


  11. Hi Leland,

    Any progress on sharing a ride from Burlington to Plainfield on Friday? I am arriving to the Burlington Airport at 10:51am, and am looking to share a ride to Plainfield…

    267 350 4922 desk
    773 294 7811 cell

  12. Coni Porter says:

    It turns out that I am teaching in Boston on Thursday (tomorrow), will be driving back to southern NH that night (after 7pm), and will head up to Goddard Friday am. Happy to offer a bed for Thursday night at my home in Fitzwilliam NH, before leaving Friday AM. Only hitch: I’m not staying on campus during the weekend, and might stay over Sunday PM with friends in the area up there. But, will be returning to southern NH Monday AM.

  13. Devora Neumark says:

    I will be driving down from Montreal on Friday and have room for two or three in my car. Let me know if you need a lift.

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