About Goddard’s MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts

Goddard’s MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts program is a self-directed learning community that fosters a climate of ethical, life-long, creative inquiry; we encourage artists to ask complex questions and to cultivate practices that celebrate imaginative and intellectual discovery. In all creative practices, we value curiosity, dialogue, self-reflection, public engagement, and rigorous experimentation.

The MFA-IA continues to reinvent graduate arts education—combining a rich artistic and academic community with each student’s individual process and place.  Ours is a radically holistic approach which merges low-residency structure and student-centered learning in a context beyond disciplinary thinking, creating a level of integration and depth of creative practice unequaled in other arts programs.

Our students design and pursue an individualized course of study. No two artists are alike. Based upon your unique personal interests, intentions and professional goals, faculty advisors—all accomplished and evolving artists themselves—work with you one-on-one, providing personalized feedback, guidance and challenge.

We welcome all forms of art practice, especially those that explore what art might be and how we can engage meaningfully beyond the limitations of any single discipline or tradition. Our students, faculty and alums pursue practices that reach across the conceptual, visual, and time-based arts, informed by diverse traditions and fueled by a broad range of intentions which include the social, the aesthetic, the political, the spiritual, and the deeply personal.

Our low-residency program attracts artists who wish to integrate creative practice with other aspects of life. We encourage you to contribute your learning beyond the academy—immediately and directly—through action in your local and/or global communities. Informed by philosophies of participatory, democratic education, our low-residency model not only accommodates complex lives, but expands our existing and varied connections to people and place and time.

The Goddard College MFA-IA is designed to support each scholar-artist in articulating and engaging with your original vision as you refine critical, expressive, and technical skills and stretch in new directions. These developments in your individual artistic practice are deepened further as you are asked to be attentive to the broad range of diverse strategies and conversations which inform contemporary art at this historical moment.

For more information, visit www.goddard.edu or contact Admissions Counselor Heather Bryce at 1-800-454-8311.

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